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For some girls using a pad just isn’t an option

Your period is around the corner — let’s get prepared

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Not all daughters want to be taught by a parent

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The first time I tried to use a tampon I accidentally dropped it in the toilet. It was the only one I had so I grabbed it and washed it off in the sink, thinking I could still use it. I inserted it but couldnt get the applicator to work! I did not realize the cotton had already expanded with the water.

Judy C.

I thought I followed the instructions on the box correctly but something didn’t feel right. I started to panic and re-read the instructions. I finally realized I forgot to remove the tampon from its plastic applicator!

Hara O.

My first attempt at using a tampon was a disaster... I put it in and went to the beach with friends. Something didn’t feel right so I went to the bathroom and discovered that the tampon hadn’t been inserted far enough. It was, let’s just say, not where it was supposed to be!

Amanda S.

Let’s do better

For some girls using a pad just isn’t an option. Tampon Teacher is is designed to teach girls how to use a tampon before their first period. Get started today.

Know before you flow

Introducing Tampon Teacher, a fantastic way to learn about tampons and how to use them before your first period arrives.